A Good Niche

You may have often heard it said that every vendor or merchant has his or her own niche – or place in the market. Everyone has their time to shine. In retail terms, you have to have your own approach in order to differentiate yourself from the rest of the market. If not, what have you got?

We operate a specific business model here, dealing with collateral loans and high-end possessions. We’re proud to be able to have our own role to play in this particular market, and specialization that benefits our customers a good deal. Our proprietary knowledge of valuables makes us an asset to the community and the online audiences who want to make their deals on the web.

Louis Vuitton and Rolex

We have beautiful big-brand handbags in excellent condition. Our stock also turns over a good deal, which is good for return customers who keep an eye on our inventory.

We also deal in high-end jewelry, for example, a gold watch or some other high-quality personal item.

We deal in diamonds, too – knowledgeable and conversant in the five C’s and other kinds of diamond appraisal. That’s helpful whether you need to sell a legacy diamond or shop for one that’s new to you. 

Curating Inventory

In a business like this, it’s important to source items that are in very fine and excellent condition – not just any collection of items used to secure a loan.

We take pride in taking a precise approach to inventory and the kinds of products that we have on hand.

We’re also very knowledgeable about the financing world. Although borrowers have a real spectrum of options, some of these options are less than desirable in terms of resolving debt. For example, a lot of short-term loan processes may not have the convenience and customer service that we deliver to those who want to use collateral for lending. Our approach treats every deal fairly with a value toward respect and integrity.

You can see the appeal of our nontraditional collateral loan business process method on our website, where you can learn more about what we do for those who want to trade valuable jewelry and other personal items.

Or you can ask us questions about what we do. If you have a proposal for us, you can get in touch and we can talk about how to make a deal. We are an experienced shop with a track record of success helping sellers to get fair market values for their possessions.