About Us

Who We Are

San Diego’s Discreet Collateral Loan is the premier pawn lender for your short-term personal and business needs. We provide collateral loans, buy, and sell jewelry, gold, diamonds, watches, and luxury handbags. By Appointment.

We offer low-interest collateral and pawn loans on high-end jewelry, luxury watches, diamonds, handbags, and collectibles. Sell or receive a collateral loan on your luxury assets to one of the country’s most recognized & trusted estate buyers

Our Promise To Our Clients

As a locally-owned store, we’ve worked day in and out to earn the trust of and nurture our ties with the local community. When you work with Discreet Collateral Loan, you’re assured you’re not dealing with a “here today, gone tomorrow” business.

Every time you visit, you’re sure to be greeted by our friendly and helpful team with whatever you need.

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