Personal Loan with Collateral on your Luxury Assets 

Get up to $1,000,000 in 24 Hours or less

Personal Loan with Collateral on Jewelry in San Diego, California

Getting a person loan with collateral (pawn loan) and using your assets you already own to help finance your future with  is incredibly easy. Discreet Collateral Loans is the premier lender for all luxury assets including jewelry, watches, diamonds and fine collectibles. We provide our private office to meet and review your item in person with no lines to wait in or others around. 

The process is very simple, discreet, and fast because we require no credit checks for a collateral loan. We will evaluate your item for a personal loan with collateral in person while you wait and determine what we are able to lend. At that point, should you accept our offer, payment is made immediately. The loan is written for 4 months at interest rate moderated by California State Law. At the end of the loan period, you can either pay the interest and extend your loan for another 4 months, or pay the interest and principal and redeem your items. 

We work closely with individuals who need a pawn loan or a personal loan with collateral. 

Some items, we may consider for a collateral loan would be fine art and other rare collectibles.

If you are looking for private, confidential atmosphere, and liquidity at reasonable rates with flexible terms, a collateral loan with Discreet Collateral Loans is a viable option.



%San Diego\'s Top Estate and Jewelry Buyer %DISCREET Collateral Loan


We will promptly supply you with a free and no obligation estimate for your luxury watch, diamond or any other luxury item such as high-end art and collectibles. After reviewing your submission, our team of expert jewelers will contact you with an initial estimate, usually within one business day.

%San Diego\'s Top Estate and Jewelry Buyer %DISCREET Collateral Loan


You can also schedule a private and confidential meeting face to face, or alternatively, we can connect online using zoom meeting. We will review your luxury asset for authenticity, and make you an offer, or provide a collateral loan if that's what you're interest in. Call or request online estimate.

%San Diego\'s Top Estate and Jewelry Buyer %DISCREET Collateral Loan


We pay cash fast. Once we agree on the terms, we then discuss how you would like to receive your cash. You can either choose to accept cash on the spot or transferred to you via PayPal or Bank. For all collateral loans, we store your item in our safe and secure facility. Your luxury items are safe with Discreet Collateral Loan in San Diego, California.