Jewelry Loan Experts Reveal Diamond Evaluating Secrets

Get a Poway Jewelry Loan with Diamond Collateral

Poway jewelry loan experts have a way to find the value of your diamond collateral. Allow me to explain how Discreet Collateral Loan will evaluate your diamond assets. When it comes to diamonds, the first factor to consider is the desirability of the stone. Is there a demand for the diamond in the market today? Second, we look at the rarity of the stone. With that, the carat weight comes into play. What is important is the number of carats. We will discuss the millimeter spread and dimensions of the diamond later when we talk about diamond shape. Back to the carat weight, a two-carat diamond is twice the weight of a one-carat diamond. However, the two-carat stone is not worth twice as much. Its value is more like four times that of a comparable one-carat diamond due to rarity.

How Does Diamond Shape Affect Loan Value?

After carat weight, our experts evaluate color, clarity, cut, and unique diamond proportions and characteristics. Please keep in mind that some diamond shapes are more desirable than others. When you come in for a Poway jewelry loan on a marquis diamond, the shape is a factor. Suppose your diamond is an elongated shape, like an NFL football. In that case, it is a marquis. Unfortunately, marquis stones are the least desirable shape, and that diminishes their jewelry loan value. However, high demand round diamonds around two carats fetch premium Poway jewelry loan value.

Are Loose Diamonds Good Loan Collateral?

Loose or set diamonds make excellent collateral for a Poway jewelry loan. When loose diamonds hide in a jewelry box, safe, or vault, they are out of sight and out of mind. When you need extra cash, should loose diamonds come to mind? Absolutely. Loose diamonds are easier to evaluate than set stones. Settings are a way to display the beauty and brilliance of a diamond. But that is not all. Diamond settings are also an effective way to hide inclusions and other flaws. Because of this, the true market value of a loose diamond is more clear-cut.

Where Can I Get the Highest Poway Jewelry Loan Value?

The experts at Discreet Collateral Loan have decades of experience appraising, buying, and selling diamonds and diamond jewelry. We are the top estate jewelry buyer in Poway. And the number one large diamond buyer in Poway as well. Our experts ensure you get the highest payout for loose diamonds, diamond jewelry, and precious gemstones. Discreet Collateral Loan accepts sizeable diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and other stones of any shape, with or without certification as Poway jewelry loan collateral.

What Is My Engagement Ring Worth?

It may surprise you that there is almost no added value in the setting of a pre-owned engagement ring. Whether the pre-owned ring setting has diamonds or not, the ring’s value centers on the center diamond. The reason is that there is not a market for pre-owned engagement settings. When buying an engagement ring from a retail store, the setting will be a sizable part of the overall price. Upon resale, buyers expect to recoup a lot of their original cost. However, a more realistic expectation is to base the value of a pre-owned engagement ring solely on the current market value of the center diamond. Of course, this general idea may not apply entirely to signed pieces or rings with other special attributes. 

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