A New Kind Of Pawn Shop

What does it mean to operate a business that changes how pawn shops are seen in the 21st century?

It’s called Discreet Collateral Loan for a reason. One of the main things to know about our approach is that we are not like the traditional pawn shop which is, frankly, often kind of a circus.

You may have seen these shops featured on television. All-day, people bring in strange and exotic things, or things with marginal value, and try to convince seasoned shop operators to pay money for them. There’s a lot of brash negotiation and haggling that goes on in a rather public environment, and there’s a lot of back-and-forths involved in people trying to get their possessions back after a payday or windfall.

That is not what we’re about here. We deal in valuing high-end jewelry and other valuable assets and providing discrete personal loans, which is really a different kind of business.

Day to Day

You can see more about how this works on our website. We are not working from the traditional streetside pawn shop model where you buzz in and present your goods or cash in a sort of intimidating atmosphere.

There’s a real value to working with a refined lending and purchasing business that is not like something you would find in the grittiest American strip malls.

We believe in this model, and we’ve seen it work for a great many people who are serious about what they own, and serious about their finances. Skip the theatrical spectacle, and deal with a shop that has a much more sophisticated business model for dealing in those items that you hold dear.

What do you get for your items?

For a more practical look, let’s think about how this works. What you will get for your items depends on their overall value within the market context.

We will appraise your item by consulting our vast network of buyers and sellers to determine market pricing. This is much more practical than just relying on someone’s memory to set a market price. Frankly, most pawn shops are woefully under-resourced in providing appraisals or anything like that.

So for those who are serious about selling, contact a business that is more than just a trading post or a relic of the 20th century. Our professional approach helps families and individuals to get what they deserve for their assets, and that’s a real mandate in an industry where people too frequently “wing it” in valuations and appraisals.