Though Diane Von Furstenberg compared jewelry with the perfect spice that complements and enhance beauty, it is much more. Jewelry is more than just pieces of precious metals. It is a personal and emotional attachment to some certain event or happening. It may be treating yourself with the fine necklace or getting a pearly ring from your loved one. Whatever the case is, only you know the real worth of your jewelry. Whether you buy any jewelry or sell something, you have some fears in your mind regarding the jewelry stores that you choose for the business.

It does not matter if you have any of these fears. Whether you want to buy some rare jewelry, sell your precious things or want a loan for your urgent needs, Discreet Collateral Loan DCL, a pawnshop and a jewelry store based in San Diego, possesses all these features. It is different from your mainstream jewelry store. Here, you will find excellent consultation services that are private and flexible. We are a personal concierge service and deal in high-end pre-owned jewelry as well as watches and handbags. Our products are known for their quality and rarity. Not only that but we also have access to fine diamonds at wholesale prices.

 If it is your first time, you become cautious and look for many attributes because it is not a large sum of your money but also the significance of the events for which you are buying or selling jewelry. Here at Discreet Collateral Loan DCL, we take into account number of factors that can help you making a decision about the purchase.


Without any doubt, the first thing that makes high-end jewelry different from others is its high quality. You never want to buy a piece that wastes your hard-earned money and bring embarrassment to you. Even if you go to sell it to some jewelry store, you want someone to look at it with the eyes that appreciate and not degrade it. With years of experience in this industry, we never compromise on the quality and offer you best of the best for your significant event. Even if we buy it from you, we take into account your emotions attached to your assets and appreciate it likewise.


Have you ever found the sparkle fading away with the age? The opposite is true for the jewels that are real. There is a difference in diamond sparkle if you treat it with artificial procedures. Even if you understand different techniques and procedures, without an expert advice, there is a cognitive dissonance that make you think about the purchasing decision again and again. At DCL, we help you to understand different attributes of your diamonds you are interested in and make sure not to let any piece of jewelry dull your sparkle.

Same designs

Often times when you visit a jewelry store, you look for designs that caters your persona and matches your aura. Same designs can be boring and make you feel ordinary in any special occasion. At DCL, we play close attention to what you’re searching for.  Your search can end here with something more beautiful just like you.

Inflated prices

Sometimes, you are in love with an item, but the inflated price make you think about your purchasing power. While the market may shock you with higher prices, the surprise waiting for you at DCL is going to be at another level. Our prices are completely wholesale oriented. We have excellent collection of polished diamonds, high-end pre-owned jewelry, handbags, and watches that are available on the wholesale prices. So why pay retail price when you can come to DCL.

Personal Service

While it is hard to find a rare jewel, it is even harder to find true one-on-one service We not only appreciate fine estate jewelry,  but we have an experience in telling the true worth of your asset. At Discreet Collateral Loan, you will find cooperative sales and service that is going to tell you the attributes you never really pay attention to.

Common and Popular

Jewelry caters to your personality and your taste sometimes does not resonate with what is popular and common. People do like and admire vintage. In the name of vintage, you get popular things from the market and your colleague may have the same vintage and rare material as you have. This is how the market works but when you are in need of certain different things or if you are in love with some unique and vintage things, we recommend you come to DCL where you will surely find something different and more enchanting.


Thanks to the marketing campaign of De Beers that diamond became an essential part of our weddings. Their slogan stated that a diamond is forever and we could not agree more. However, to get a long-lasting diamond is not an easy task. Apart from the 4Cs of carat, cut, color and clarity, a diamond is much more. However, to know what attributes a diamond possess, you need an expert advice. A t Discreet Collateral Loan, you will get the expert help in buying or selling your diamond.

And Much More

We understand that buying a jewelry at a pawn shop is equivalent to scavengers hunt but Discreet Collateral Loan offers you something more. With more than 20 years in the jewelry and pawnshop industry, DCL offers a private and discreet atmosphere where meetings take place one-on-one that caters to individual demands especially for higher-end items that need proper time for authentication and evaluation. A place where you feel at home and that ensures respect for every individual whether the transaction takes place or not. With Discreet Collateral Loan, you get an advantage of expert consultation, high quality and much more. The biggest advantage is our wholesale rates that offer you a relief from higher inflation. We provide services in buying, selling and getting a loan on your high-end assets. So, what are you waiting for? Contact now for your assessment with no obligation. We are open 24/7 to provide services to our valuable customers. Check out our latest news and items for sale on Instagram. and Facebook.

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