Gold Loans in Mira Mesa

Discreet Collateral Loan offers low-interest collateral and pawn loans in Mira Mesa on gold and other luxury assets. Borrow against your fine jewelry, luxury watches, diamonds, high-end handbags, and valuable collectibles. Sell or receive a collateral loan on your luxury items in minutes. At Discreet Collateral Loan, you will meet with one of the country’s most recognized and trusted estate buyers. We provide gold loans in Mira Mesa against your jewelry, watches, gold, art, designer handbags, antiques, coins, and other collectibles.

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Sell Gold in Mira Mesa, San Diego, CA

Alternatively, you may want to simply sell your gold for a simple and quick way to raise funds. We buy gold and fine jewelry, offering easy, fast deals. Get in touch to find out more.

Buy Luxury Gifts in San Diego

In addition to short-term gold loans in Mira Mesa, Discreet Collateral Loan is a fabulous place to shop. Enjoy privacy when looking for a special gift. Whether shopping for yourself or someone you love, we have access to an extensive selection of jewelry to suit every style and age. We can find the perfect exquisite diamond, designer watch, or high-end luxury handbag you want within your budget.

I was searching to sell some jewelry and my husband and I wanted to purchase a new diamond, which is exciting. However our budget wasn’t as exciting (lol) and it felt overwhelming trying to shift through 1,000’s of diamonds online and jewelry stores. After finally stumbling on Mike’s site I called and set up an appointment, I felt such a relief to have someone who cared about what I was looking for. Mike took the time to hear what I wanted, refer me to a jewelry and find the PERFECT diamond for me! I was extremely pleased with what he found in my budget. I was beyond satisfied with the customer service and care he took!! Recommend Mike 100%

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Discreet Collateral Loan Pays More for Gold

Discreet Collateral Loan pays more for gold. Also, we make gold loans on jewelry, scrap precious metals, broken gold, single earrings, and gold in any condition. Suppose you are not sure if your gold is 14, 18, or 24 karat? No, problem, we will test and verify what you have for you. We provide gold loans on fine jewelry in any condition and on antique and estate pieces.  Also, we accept gold bullion, coins, and even old dental gold.

Pawn Loan in Mira Mesa

You can bring other items for a gold loan, pawn loan, or collateral loan: diamonds, emeralds, and other precious and semi-precious stones. Remember, you have the option to reclaim your jewelry when we loan you money. A pawn is easy. We would be more than happy to loan you quick cash on jewelry or gold of any kind. We will loan on scrap or broken gold, fine jewelry, coins, or any other precious metal. Just because your old gold jewelry is no longer your style does not mean it has no value. Gold is an asset that you can turn into fast cash at Discreet Collateral Loan. All collateral we except for gold loans we appraise, photograph, and secure. We store and protect your collateral with the utmost security.

Discreet Collateral Loan is the place to get confidential short-term loans on the gold, diamonds, watches, handbags, and luxury assets you already own. We specialize in pawn or collateral loans on jewelry, diamonds, gold, fine watches, and luxury handbags. Banks do not traditionally offer gold loans, but we do.

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Visit us today and receive premium customer service from our knowledgeable and professional staff. Discreet Collateral Loan is a premier lender and buyer of high-end luxury assets with over 20 years of Collateral Loans and Jewelry Buying Experience. Discreet Collateral Loan works by appointment, ensuring our clients a private and secure visit. Our clients love our clean, private, and professional atmosphere to make their transactions as smooth as possible. You can sell or receive a low-interest collateral loan on your gold. All we ask is for you to call or text us to make an appointment.

We are off I-15 and Mira Mesa Blvd at 9939 Hibert Street, San Diego, CA 92131. For over 20 years, Discreet Collateral Loan in San Diego, California, has been doing gold loans on jewelry, coins, and bullion. And we provide loans from $100 up to one million dollars in as little as 15 minutes. First, we will appraise your gold for free. Also, provide you an amount that we can loan you on your gold. Finally, you get the money you need at an affordable rate.