Experts are saying that the amount of divorces will increase as a result of the Stay at Home Quarantine caused by the Coronavirus. It doesn’t take an expert to let us know that in bad times, unfortunately, bad things happen. And divorce is one of those bad things. One of the most common issues or experiences one has in finalizing their divorce is the divvying up of assets or more specifically “Where can I sell my wedding ring for Cash?”

It seems like it’s human nature that when you have to self-isolate couples will fight, argue, etc. And sometimes things just don’t work out as planned. Selling of your assets, or wedding ring is definitely a hurdle to overcome. There’s several avenues people take, some women or men are okay with holding onto their prized memory, others want to sell and move on – there’s no right or wrong – who’s judging? Especially in these times when divorces are bound to increase. See article below.

If you are in need of a private, confidential setting to sell your wedding ring for the most cash in this stressful time, Discreet Collateral Loan may be a viable option. We understand these circumstances and will try our best to assist you in the process.

Coronavirus and Divorce

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