Business Loan with Collateral – It’s just one option for many to increase their #cashflow and grow their business.

Discreet Collateral Loan (DCL) is offering 1 Month – No Interest to Small Business Owners who can’t wait for a bank loan. We understand that business owners often need cash or capital for their businesses.  Every scenario is different, sometimes cash is needed for payroll and other times it’s to grow their business.  Whatever the circumstances are DCL wants to be there for you and make the process as easy and fast as possible.

It is quite common for business owners to be preoccupied running their business and come to us obtain a business loan with collateral. We aim to please our clients with exceptional one-on-one service where our clients are in and out as quickly as possible. Not only are our clients in and out  quickly they receive a fair loan and amount for their items. For example, “This past week we assisted a Fitness instructor whose studio was closed down due to #corornavirus.  The Fitness Instructor has worked with us on a few occasions previously and we made the process as seamless as possible” explains Mike Schube, owner of Discreet Collateral Loan.  

Collateral Loans, or some refer to as pawn loans are made based on the collateral you provide to DCL. Typically rates range from 3-5% per month depending on the amount and item.  Your item will be insured and safe and secure. We accept all luxury items such as jewelry, gold, fine watches, and luxury handbags. If you need a loan today please click here or call/text us at 858-689-8676.

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